11 Sep

The Ultimate Guide to Building an Online Following: Part 3 – “Consistency With Divergency”

If you've followed the advice in Part 1 and Part 2 of our article series, you should now have a pretty solid online following. Well done you. Before you pat yourself on the back too heartily, you should be aware that you’ve now entered a whole new ball game. And you’re going to have to learn the new rules.

26 May

The Ultimate Guide to Building an Online Following: Part 1 – “Something from Nothing”

The Ultimate Guide to Building an Online Following: Part 1 – “Something from Nothing”

In the beginning there was nothing, well there was Myspace and Bebo. And then Zuckerberg said, “Let there be Facebook.” Social media is a powerhouse, but you don’t need us to tell you that. Adspree works with many influencers who’ve established profitable, respectable channels. We’ve scoured the most reputable blogs for the best advice about how individuals can follow in their footsteps. This is the first article in a three-part series.

01 Sep

Mastering User Acquisition: From the First Banner Ad to the Latest Creative

               In 1898 the very first car advertisement was published, boldly calling on readers to dispense with their horses. Ninety-six years later, the first online banner advertisement was uploaded. Since then, we have had advertising revolution after advertising revolution, and all manner of strategies have been launched to maximise user acquisition. This article will examine how the industry has changed and what today’s advertisers need to do to master the online world.

29 Aug

Influencers, Streaming, and Virtual Reality: Speculations on a Promising Future

               With marketers excited about influencers and tech-lovers excited about VR, it is fitting to speculate just how these giants will interact with one another. From funny reaction videos on YouTube to high-end gaming, VR seems like the perfect match for the streaming-generation. With both industries rapidly growing and transforming, just how they will interact is still far from being fully discovered, but forward-thinking marketers should be paying close attention to this potentially lucrative connection.

25 Aug

What is Influencer Marketing and Why Should You be Using It?

               Influencer marketing may seem like the latest marketing trend, but it has been around in the form of celebrity-endorsements for some time. The social media revolution has breathed new life into it and opened countless new doors - bringing rise to much more sophisticated approaches. It comes in many forms, but the basic concept is finding respected internet personalities to peer review products/services and share their findings with their followers. It’s a new way of reaching customers which is more personal, trustworthy, and when handled correctly, effective.

19 Jul

How We Find the Perfect Influencers for Your Marketing Campaigns

               While we don’t intend to give away all our trade secrets, we are proud of our work and want to give an introduction to our influencer marketing campaigns. While a poorly-run influencer marketing strategy can be a waste of time and resources, a great campaign can achieve viral success in a way that surpasses the hopes of traditional marketing strategies. There is a broad array of factors that go into our decision-making process to ensure that your product hits home.

05 Jul

Influencer Marketing FAQs

       1. Why should I do influencers campaigns?

          Influencers are trusted by their community, and therefore their endorsement has high value. Research suggests that consumers view sponsored videos or organic ads much more favourably than traditional ads: they are perceived as less intrusive and more engaging.

       2. What goals shall I define?

Here are some main elements to consider:

27 Jun

The Quo Vadis of Influencer Marketing

                Influencer marketing is a dynamic industry that has already seen huge shifts from its rudimentary origins - celebrity endorsements. There is little doubt that new social media platforms will rise to popularity, opening new doors and methods of engagement. But many important questions remain as to how it will function as a marketing channel as the industry scales up. We suspect that the best influencer marketing practices will never be fully scalable, but that that might not be a bad thing. 

22 Jun

adspree’s Guide to Developing (Meaningful) Influencer Relationships

               The crux of influencer marketing is developing relationships with people who have already developed relationships with your target audience. We believe that if you want your audience to connect in a meaningful way, then your own connection with the influencer should also be meaningful. Traditionally, advertising and marketing has had an element of “using people” to reach an end.