While we don’t intend to give away all our trade secrets, we are proud of our work and want to give an introduction to our influencer marketing campaigns. While a poorly-run influencer marketing strategy can be a waste of time and resources, a great campaign can achieve viral success in a way that surpasses the hopes of traditional marketing strategies.

       1. Why should I do influencers campaigns?           Influencers are trusted by their community, and therefore their endorsement has high value. Research suggests that consumers view sponsored videos or organic ads much more favourably than traditional ads: they are perceived as less intrusive and more engaging.

                Influencer marketing is a dynamic industry that has already seen huge shifts from its rudimentary origins - celebrity endorsements. There is little doubt that new social media platforms will rise to popularity, opening new doors and methods of engagement. But many important questions remain as to how it will function as a marketing channel as the industry scales up.