05 Jul

Influencer Marketing FAQs

       1. Why should I do influencers campaigns?

          Influencers are trusted by their community, and therefore their endorsement has high value. Research suggests that consumers view sponsored videos or organic ads much more favourably than traditional ads: they are perceived as less intrusive and more engaging.

       2. What goals shall I define?

Here are some main elements to consider:

       - The quality of produced content, which includes an original concept or extensive editing work. 

       - The reach: can be easily seen in terms of video views

       - Community reaction: comments of the viewers are important, as some of them might be directly about your product

       - Direct user response: tracking links can be placed below a video and lead to a landing page or appstore.

You have to determine your priorities among these goals and focus your efforts on them

       3. How can Adspree help me?

          At Adspree, we help you getting the maximal results out of your campaign: we listen carefully to your brief and help you choosing the best channels for your audience. We make sure that the prices are aligned with expected results, and that the content fits your needs. We help you setting up the tracking and provide post campaign analytics if needed.
With our network of influencers we can offer worldwide campaigns, however we have a strong presence in mainland Europe and the US, with YouTube, Twitch and Instagram being our main verticals.

       4. How do I know I’m reaching the right audience?

          By cherry picking the channels to work with: most of them are very specific and you can determine how much it fits your core target audience. Adspree helps you all along the process. One important detail is that influencers are as picky for products as products are for influencers: they want to provide the best for their community!

       5. How much can I track?

          When using a link it strongly depends on the user path and the platform: for app-install campaigns, the trackable portion is comprised between 20 and 30% of the whole traffic generated. The portion can be increased if you give special vouchers or encourage the user to use the link giving them advantages in exchange (discounts, gifts or in-app items for example)