Did you know that influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways of boosting a product? It’s like word of mouth, but on a mass scale. Today, the smartest brands all utilise influencer marketing to help boost their brand and presence. adspree media has built up years of experience in the gaming industry. Along the way, we have grown a network that we are very proud of. This carefully managed network contains a broad array of YouTubers, Twitch creators, Instagram stars and other prominent social media influencers. adspree media works alongside these influencers, connecting us to a phenomenal demographic range. After all, what is more effective than being instantly accessible to an audience of millions on virtually any internet-connected device? These influencers can work alongside your brand to endorse it to a large audience of their followers. What’s more, they will only work with companies that they themselves believe in – therefore increasing the chances that your project will meet the right audience. By now, no one should need reminding of the potentially huge benefits of ‘going viral’. Working with these influencers provides an opportunity for virality while acting as a complementary channel to the other elements of your marketing campaign.

Adspree media and Mediakraft Networks recently joined forces.
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A well-known games publisher wanted to promote its latest mobile casual game to its identified target market - women aged 18-35. The publisher wanted to showcase the unique aspects of gameplay to differentiate the game from its hyper competitive marketplace. However, the publisher knew from experience that its target audience doesn’t spend time on mobile gaming websites or reading game reviews. To help promote the game in a non-traditional way the publisher approached adspree to undertake an influencer marketing campaign.


By putting products in the hands of people with huge audiences, influencer marketing can be a highly effective strategy for driving audiences to take action. For this casual game, adspree analysed the top influencers across different channels and identified a YouTube channel that was highly relevant, with the ideal audience and reach.





By working with the content creator behind the YouTube channel (on a paid and disclosed basis), adspree promoted the game in a way that was more engaging than traditional advertising.
Our decision led to over 5.5 million views.
As a result, the game increased in rank across both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, the publisher increased its brand awareness and promoted its game to its ideal audience.


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