Your product deserves recognition. We offer a multitude of digital channels with proven efficiency to help you reach your marketing goals. More than 150 advertisers trust us to provide them with quality users for both desktop and mobile.


300+ Placements

We run on our own gaming portals, partner portals, in-app SDK inventory, blogs, websites with recommended content, and trusted affiliates. Our Mediabuy Team also helps you to acquire users directly by bidding on a variety of content and display platforms.



Search, display, Youtube.
Benefit from our 10 years’ experience in gaming and over 1 million keywords to get the best results in all major languages and markets.



Facebook ads & Instagram:

Highly targeted users.
We find the most engaged gamers for you by leveraging our audience and finding perfect look-a-like audiences.  



Programmatic Advertising

Target your core audience in the most efficient way across all additional channels; a perfect way to run a true 360 campaign. We manage the setup, optimizations, and results.



Dynamic KPI Tracking

In order to maximise the positive outcomes of your campaign, we integrate multiple goals, such as retention, user actions,
and in-app payments.
Our goal is to make your campaign as successful as it can be.



Active Fraud Prevention

Campaign data is monitored on a daily basis by our Business Intelligence Unit. They use 15 fraud signals regrouped into 5 main types to assure that any suspicious activity is spotted early. The system is built in-house and adapted to the type of campaigns we are running, ensuring bespoke protection and client satisfaction.

adspree Media

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