It’s no secret that people are growing tired of traditional advertising. Instead, they place their trust in friends and independent content creators. Having an influencer show-off your game can provide tremendous benefits, not least of which is accessing a hard-to-reach niche audience.

We have access to a huge network of influencers on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and beyond. Their audiences range from a few thousand to millions! For those looking for a foothold to promote their games, we have a global network with a particularly strong presence in Germany, France, Poland, Latin-America and most English-speaking countries.

Our long-term cooperation with these influencers enables us to create sustainable, successful campaigns in many genres, from gaming (MMOs, FPS, Mobile Games) to lifestyle-orientated campaigns. Why not promote your product too?

  • Access to influencers in DACH, US, UK, AUS, FR, LATAM, POL
  • Global Network & Industry Expertise
  • Influencers for every product and every audience.
  • Original, creative methods of engaging highly targeted audiences.

What influencers can do for you

Full “Let’s Play” Videos

With a fully dedicated video, influencers can show-off all aspects of a game; often the most cost-effective way to engage an audience.

Product Placements

A great method for increasing product awareness; product placements are less expensive – allowing affordable access to very large influencers.

Twitch Streams

While the reach is often lower, engagement on Twitch is outstanding. With an average of 25-30% CTR, no other technique is more engaging.

Creative Videos

While riskier, creative videos provide the opportunity to produce amazing material for promotional content with a high chance of creating “buzz” or going viral.

Brand Ambassadorship

Long-term partnerships allow for highly efficient conversion of influencer audiences.

Meet and Greets

Hiring influencers for conferences and events heavily incentivizes people to stay and try games out.


From idea generation to final details! We develop comprehensive platform-specific approaches with detailed concepts.

We provide concepts for a wide range of formats such as YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok and many more. We also support you conceptualizing your success, editing content and concept recommendations for maximum distribution, reach and engagement.

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