Classic Linear TV

TV advertising is the most efficient marketing channel for reaching a huge audience in a short period of time. It is still a highly consumed platform for adults of all ages, and modern techniques allow for advanced target-marketing.

Our TV Proposition

Our team of experts will design a tailored media plan for you. Our media buying knowledge and network is extensive, we have access to all the relevant channels, models and contacts to find your ideal channel mix at competitive prices. We’re even the representatives of ProSiebenSat.1 Premium TV, allowing you direct access to the ultimate German TV advertising.

With our experts’help, our clients can expect a sizeable expansion of their user base. Furthermore, our analysis and optimization services use advanced analytics to perfect their campaign’s performance.

Want to “go big?” We can combine our premium TV, online and social media propositions to create the ultimate marketing bundle.


Million daily TV viewers on Pro7Sat1 media channels


TV market share in Germany with Pro7Sat1 media channels

Premium Inventory

Broad Reach
for Gaming Campaigns,
Ages 14-39,
Market Share: 10.7%

Older Audiences,
Higher Female Share,
Ages 14-59,
Market Share: 9.3%

High Relevance for
Gaming Campaigns,
Ages 14-49,
Market Share: 5.0%

Younger Audiences,
Higher Female Share,
Ages 14-39,
Market Share: 1.1%

High Relevance,
Male Audience,
Ages 14-39,
Market Share: 1.1%

Older Audiences,
Higher Male Share,
Ages 40-64,
Market Share: 0.2%

Addressable TV

The arrival and evolution of “Programmatic TV” has extended the opportunities available in the traditional linear TV media-buying landscape. ATV is ideal for the contact optimization of classic linear TV campaigns, and we offer excellent solutions.

We provide household-level targeting on ProSiebenSat1 media channels allowing you to target different ads to specific households. In fact, we offer a range of different targeting options including geo/regio and weather targeting; technical targeting based on TV receiver pathways, retargeting, and time; and AGF targeting (age/gender/household).

+ 68-87%

Incremental net reach (directly on the TV set)

+ 58-70%

Uplift of average ad contacts with campaign


Number of TV devices in predefined contact class range


cookie-based contact measurement without modelling

Outdoor Advertising

Sometimes hitting your target market means escaping the realms of the digital. We offer a range of outdoor advertising options tailored to hit your target markets.

Our available options range from classic billboard advertisements and digital spaces to innovative “guerilla campaigns”. Using the latest in tech, we’re able to target your audience based on geolocation, time and region. Take things a step further by using cinema trailers, ambient media (mobile billboards, pizza-box branding, cube boxes, even toilets), billboard advertising and even combining your digital ads with real world ads for maximum effect.

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