Adspree media is a lot more than a marketing agency. History has shown that only an internal production team can guarantee high-quality results. Our partners often praise the convenience and effectiveness of our one-stop-shop style service.

This holistic “all-in-one” solution includes a professional production team, cutting-edge equipment and high-tech studios. We’re equipped for any kind of project, from company and branded videos to TV spots and branded channels.

We run our own up-to-date channels which are ideal for putting concepts into action. We can use them to not only produce extraordinary content but to motivate audiences to generate and participate in active debates   .

  • Branded Channels: Bringing your brand to the screen! As well as brand and company videos, we provide complete support and realization through YouTube, serial branded content and channels.
  • Original Content: Insider insights for remarkable results! We share our expert knowledge in the development of owned channels such as "dieFilmfabrik" or "SoGehtDas".


Measuring success is key for any advertising campaign, and influencer marketing campaigns are no exception. Adspree media is one of only a few agencies in Germany that provides in-depth studies to track and optimize the effects of these campaigns.

Our market research experts will design these studies according to your goals. The studies will run alongside your campaign on our specifically adapted social media panels. We then provide running evaluations for our clients in the form of informative and significant insights.

  • Advertising Impact Research: Multiple metrics, full transparency! Our on-demand impact research measures campaign success beyond classic performance KPIs and advertising impact parameters.
  • Project Management: Supporting your every need! Our team is there for clients throughout the journey, from questionnaire development, data collection and fieldwork to customized optimization analysis and results presentation.