09 Feb

Playable Ads: Bringing the Fun Back into Advertising

Playable ads are digital advertisements designed for enjoyable user-interaction. They can be found on mobile, tablet, and desktop, and come in various forms - from simple interactive banner ads to fully playable mini-games. They are hot topic in the advertising industry, benefitting brand and user alike.

15 Nov

Is a Netflix Style Streaming Service About to Revolutionise Gaming?

Paying a flat-fee for a library of content is the new normal. The popularity of TV and movie streaming services has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Netflix has transformed from a hardcopy film-rental service into one of the most used media services in the world. They now produce some of the most popular shows ever made. No game-streaming platform has yet achieved the same level of popularity, even though gaming is normally at the forefront of media technology. Which begs the question, are we about to experience a major change in the way people pay for games?

28 Aug

Gaming and the Future of Virtual Reality

               The virtual reality gaming experience of tech lovers’ dreams has always seemed to be just around the corner. In the beginning of 2016, VR developers’ long-term aspirations of making VR mainstream appeared to materialise. Yet, as the excitement of the initial launch tapers off, questions remain as to whether VR will live up to its promise as a gaming system.

22 Aug

Which Type of Games Work Best With Influencer Marketing?

               The way people choose games to buy, has changed in recent years. The recommendations of trusted influencers are considered more credible than traditional reviews in gaming magazines. For marketers, this often proves to be a very successful new way to showcase games. But video games are far from homogenous in nature; colourful, kid-friendly mobile games are a world away from hardcore first-person shooters. A successful influencer marketing strategy should take into account that what is wildly successful for the audience of one, could be disastrous for the other.

15 Aug

Why All Game-Publishers Should Look Towards the German Market

               The German economy and the German gaming market are both the biggest in Europe. It’s a thriving, dynamic marketplace, beneficial to both start-up indie studios and well-established game publishers. Whether you are considering trying promotion there for the first time or conquering it completely, the benefits are multifold.