19 Jul

How We Find the Perfect Influencers for Your Marketing Campaigns

               While we don’t intend to give away all our trade secrets, we are proud of our work and want to give an introduction to our influencer marketing campaigns. While a poorly-run influencer marketing strategy can be a waste of time and resources, a great campaign can achieve viral success in a way that surpasses the hopes of traditional marketing strategies. There is a broad array of factors that go into our decision-making process to ensure that your product hits home.

               The first step is an in-depth analysis of your product and your target market. This includes the identification of their hobbies, likes, and habits. Some markets may be easier to reach than others. adspree specialise in the gaming industry; a mainstream RPG game aimed at a young male audience may be considerably easier to target than say a mobile game aimed at an older female audience. While for the former we might approach Twitch stars and dedicated gaming influencers, for the latter, we would likely seek more creative solutions, such as charismatic female YouTube stars who we think could convince their fans to try mobile-gaming for the first time. Thinking outside the box and trying unconventional approaches can lead to big success.

               We have an excellent global network of influencers, and first check these established connections to find relevant influencers we trust to provide great results. There are many advantages to working with pre-established connections, not least that we can count on their reliability. Once we have narrowed down a shortlist of potential influencers (both in and outside our network), we vet the ones that are a good fit for your brand; seeking influencers with quality content and an alignment with your brand ethos. It is equally important to ensure that your brand is a good fit for that influencer; that your values and tone align for a mutually beneficial relationship.

               Then there are geographical considerations. Where are your target audience? We have great working relationships with influencers all over the world, allowing us to reach audiences of different nationalities, languages, and demographics. Before using foreign influencers, we research regional trends to see if a campaign can capitalise on the hot topics of the moment.

               The next big decision is deciding what size influencer will be most effective for your campaign. Influencers come in all sizes, from commentators who talk broadly about current-affairs to bloggers who only write about OAP marathon-running. You would not be blamed for assuming that huge global YouTube stars would provide the greatest engagement, but often that is not the case. Remember those RPG games we were talking about? Well Kim Kardashian probably isn’t the ideal influencer for those, despite her 100 million Instagram followers. Smaller influencers tend to have more engaged, targeted audiences, thereby allowing us to reach niche markets associated with your brand. Mid-level influencers like bloggers, sometimes referred to as the “power middle” have been shown to produce sixteen times more engagement than “mega-influencers”. One technique we use in the decision-making process is “Network Mapping” wherein we create visual representations of potential candidates’ spheres of

               There are many decisions of this nature to be made in order to find the ideal match, but the guiding principles can be boiled down to “the three Rs of influence”: relevance, reach, and resonance. Firstly, ‘relevance’, is the influencer’s content aligned with your values? Have they promoted similar content before? Do his/her followers see him/her as a trusted authority in your area? Secondly, ‘reach’, how many people follow that influencer and how many of those are in your target audience? Finally, ‘resonance’ - quality over quantity, how engaged are their followers? It’s important to look past vanity metrics; we have all seen Twitter accounts that have hundreds of thousands of followers, yet with posts devoid of retweets, replies, and likes. The same phenomenon occurs across all platforms of influence.

               There is no one-size-fits-all strategy here, success is dependent on working out the exact needs of your campaign. Some of the best strategies combine micro and macro, global and local. If you are looking for a targeted influencer campaign, get in touch via our contact page. Rest assured that we have a few more tricks that we’ll be keeping securely up our sleeves.

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